The roof of a building/ home is the first materials to come in contact with the sun’s radiant heat, which will transmits heat into building spaces and effect its energy efficiency of a particular building / home.

With thermal roof insulation, it will improve:

  • 97% radiant heat reflectivity through the roof
  • Maintain heat and UV stability, energy saving
  • Sound insulation characteristic (for Foam Aluminium Foil)
  • Lightweight materials
  • SIRIM Certification
  • Fire Retardant (Class O)

Different type of thermal roofing insulation are available:

  • Single OR Double Sided Woven Aluminium Fire Retardant Foil
  • Small OR Big Bubble Aluminium Fire Retardant Foil
  • Double Sided Veno Aluminium Fire Retardant Foil
  • Double Sided Foam Aluminium Fire Retardant Foil

Bubble Foil

Download Bubble Foil FlyerDownload Veno Foil Flyer